Self-Driving Lab

[Title: Self-Driving Lab]

Note: This lab course addresses interested students of all faculties, especially from mechanical and electrical engineering as well as computer science.

How to build a self-driving car?

Hands-on lab at Institute for Automotive Engineering


Automated driving is currently one of the major topics in automotive research and industry. This lab course provides students the possibility to develop and test an automated driving function step by step. The lab provides an insight into the prototypical development of a self-driving car.


Interested students get to know the principal components, which are necessary to build an automated driving vehicle. Since the topic of automated driving addresses different disciplines of engineering science, the necessary knowledge about the various aspects of an intelligent car will be taught. The goal is to enable students of different faculties to implement the main algorithms for use in a full-scale vehicle. Finally, the complete vehicle function is tested and evaluated using ika’s automated-test vehicle on institute’s test track.


The lab is designed to provide an overview on the main relevant topics in form of a biweekly lecture. This will allow the students to understand the concepts and basic approaches in order to get an overview about automated driving functions. Based on the knowledge from the lecture the students can then work on their own implementations of the functional modules. In the week after the lecture, the students will get together to exchange findings, get support and present results of their implementations. Finally, the best practice solutions will be presented.

The kick-off and introduction to the lab during summer term 2018 will be held on April 10th 2018 at ika. Afterwards a weekly lecture or workshop of 1.5 h duration will take place.



The lab contains the following modules:


  • Overview on current research topics in automated driving
  • Necessary modules for an automated driving function
  • Short introduction to the utilized software tools

Environment Sensors

  • State of the art sensor technologies for automated driving
  • Hands-on experience and try-out of different sensor types

Sensor Data Fusion

  • Introduction to environment modelling
  • Data fusion of signal and information of different sensor types

Motion Planning

  • Introduction to behavior generation
  • Path and trajectory planning for different driving environments

Vehicle Motion Control

  • Concept and application of vehicle modelling
  • Overview on trajectory tracking controller principles

Vehicle Integration

  • Vehicle actuation and common interfacing
  • Functional safety approaches

Hands-on experience

  • Integration of the student’s´ software modules into ika´s automated vehicle
  • Experience of reference automated driving functions

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Sebastian Klaudt M.Sc.
Dr.-Ing. Adrian Zlocki
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