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Note: Application Period 08.01. – 28.02.2018
10.01.18: Based on questions, we updated the description of some signals in the MATLAB-Script. The data has not been changed.
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Application Task

In automated driving systems the detection and semantic interpretation of the vehicle surroundings is a crucial step. The fusion of data from different sensor sources helps to learn more about the relations between the traffic objects. Therefore, in this application task the information about the course of the lanes shall be combined with the data about the surrounding vehicles. The result is an assignment of each vehicle to its particular lane, which can be used to identify the relevant vehicle.

 Download task with explanatory video
and all required files as .zip-file.


The zip file contains the necessary data and some further explanations in the the following files:

This file shall be used for your data processing. Please make your implementations here and upload it as part of your solution data.
Download MATLAB-Script (.m)
Driving data of motorway drive.
Download MATLAB-File (.mat)
Video file of motorway drive for your reference.


The provided driving data contains information from a front facing radar sensor and a front facing lane detection camera. To identify the particular relevant target vehicle for an ACC function the detected radar objects need to be assigned to their particular lane. Your task is to implement a function, which assigns the ID of each moving object (of the 64 possible detections) to the right, center or left lane. The result shall be represented in a matrix which has the same form as the radar input information (Row for each timestep, column for each object ID).
Furthermore, the current ego lane shall be tracked based on the given starting lane (as in egolane vector init).

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