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"What's research?", "Should teenagers 12 and over be allowed to drive?"

Girls' Day 2019: Once again this year, young people were spoilt for choice and were able to get a taste of various professions or scientific fields at 32 institutes, chairs and workshops of the RWTH Aachen University in a total of 36 workshops (31 for girls and 5 for boys). The workshops offered accommodation for 358 girls and 52 boys from grades 5 to 10 of all school types.

At our ika, 12 girls were able to conduct their own study in order to answer the research question of the workshop "Driving licence for young people? - Research at the Institute for Motor Vehicles", to try out practical car-related activities and to gain an insight into the daily work at the ika. A driver's license was given to everyone as souvenir. Further information about the event can be found on the website.

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Girls' Day 2018

ika at Girls’ Day in Aachen

"What is research?" As you can find answers to exciting research questions, this year at Girls' Day we tried it out together with 15 technical enthusiastic young girls aged 12 to 14 years. To this end, we have undertaken the topic "Should young people over 12 years of age be allowed to take their driving licence?" and carried out a small study in which the girls initially acted as test persons. Together, we looked at individual elements of the driving licence test and tested them ourselves. So the girls were able to drive their own car on the ika test track. Finally, the collected findings were evaluated and the results discussed with the girls in order to gain first insights into scientific work.

Foto von den Teilnehmerinnen des Girl's Day 2018]

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