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Excursion 2019

This year's student excursion took us to Belgium and the Netherlands. On the first day, we gained an exciting insight into manufacturing and testing at the gearbox manufacturer Punch Powertrain in Sint-Truiden. We were able to visit the production line of parts of the CVT gearbox and get to know the new testing areas. The chassis manufacturer VDL Nedcar in Born presented us, among other things, with the entire automotive assembly process for the BMW X1, from the iron roller to the finished vehicle.

After a night in Eindhoven, we went on the second day to a very interesting guided tour to the truck OEM DAF Trucks, which gave us great insights into the production and final assembly of larger vehicles. There we could experience how finished vehicles of different performance and weight classes roll off the assembly line.

We thank all students as well as Punch Powertrain, VDL Nedcar and DAF Trucks for two great days and look forward to the next student excursion.


Semester barbecue

Due to the good response from previous years, we decided to turn into a tradition our end-of-semester barbecue and mulled wine drinking sponsored by fka GmbH.

Enjoying summer temperatures and a snack, we introduce the institute and our staff to you. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you or just discussing your thoughts on teaching and research in a relaxed atmosphere.

Since 2017, 70 students have been meeting us for a cozy barbecue evening.
Professor Eckstein and Professor Urban take the participants on a guided tour of the institute, past testing infrastructure such as the highly dynamic driving simulator, the temperature acoustic chamber, the Flat-Trac, the Hydropuls, the crash track and the SpeedE. Due to the good response, we are now making this a tradition and look forward to next summer. We hope to be able to again motivate so many students to attend our semester barbecue.

Impressions 2018

Impressions 2017

Semester mulled wine drinking

Since December 2017, the semester drink has been held once a year at the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika). Sponsored by fka GmbH, students meet in a friendly atmosphere and discuss ideas for teaching and research.

Due to the good response of previous years, we are now making this a tradition and look forward to next year. We hope for many students to join us for drinking mulled wine.

Impressions 2018

Impressions 2017


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Another good opportunity for students to get to know us is the annual bonding AutomotiveDay.


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