Term Dates and Information

Exam Dates

The exam dates are published on the RWTHonline portal since mid-2019.

Allowed assistive devices

Only document-proof writing instruments (e.g. ink, ballpoint pen) are permitted for exam processing. Pencils are only permitted for drawings. Red or green writing colours are not permitted.

Except for those writing and sketching materials and a calculator, no additional materials are allowed during exams. Please note: Only the calculators on the list below are allowed to use while exam. All other electronic devices have to be turned off and placed out of reach. A ringing phone will be evaluated as an attempt to deceive.

Allowed calculators

As on: 09/20/2022

TI-30, TI-30 solar, TI-30X, TI-30XA, TI-30X solar, TI-30XA solar, TI-30X Plus MathPrint, TI-30X II, TI-30X IIB, TI-30X IIS, TI-30X II solar, TI-30 ECO RS, TI-30XB MultiView, TI-30XS MultiView, TI-30X Plus MultiView

TI-34, TI-34 II, TI-34 II Explorer Plus, TI-34 MultiView


TI-36, TI-36X I, TI-36X Solar, TI-36 eco RS, TI-36 X II

TI-40 Solar, GALAXY 40x, 40sx, TI-40 College II

TI 52

FX-82DE PLUS, FX-82ES, FX-82ES Plus, FX-82L, FX-82LB fraction, FX-82 Solar, FX-82 Solar II, FX-82 S, FX-82 MS, FX-82 SA, FX-82 SX, FX-82 SX PLUS, FX-82SX FRACTION, FX-82 Super, FX-82TL, FX-82DE X, FX-82EX


FX-85DE PLUS, FX-85DE X, FX-85ES, FX-85ES Plus, FX 85, FX-85GT PLUS, FX-85GT X, FX-85MS, FX-85VH, FX-85W, FX-85WA, FX-85S, FX-85SA

FX-86DE Plus, FX-87DE Plus, FX-87DE Plus 2nd edition

FX-90, FX-90B, FX-92 College New, FX-92 College B, FX-92 College 2D, FX-92 College 2D+

FX-95 (equation), FX-95MS

FX-100B, FX-100C, FX-100D, FX-100S, FX-100MS, FX-100AU PLUS

FX-115ES, FX-115ES Plus, FX-115ES Plus 2nd edition, FX-115MS, FX-115D, FX-115S, FX-115WA,


FX-300ES, FX-300ES Plus, FX-300W

FX-350ES, FX-350ES Plus, FX-350MS, FX-350W, FX-350WA, FX-350TLG, FX-350TL


FX-570ES, FX-570ES Plus, FX-570 MS, FX-570ES Plus 2nd edition, FX-820 MS

FX-911Z, FX-912W

FX-991ES, FX-991ES PLUS, FX-991ES Plus 2nd edition, FX-991MS, FX-991D, FX-991S, FX-991WA, FX-991W


EL-501V, EL-509X

EL-520L, EL-520R, EL-520VH, EL-520VA, EL-520WG, EL-520XG alle auch mit Aufschrift ADVANCED D.A.L

EL-531VH, EL-531RH, EL-531LH auch mit Aufschrift ADVANCED D.A.L.

EL-531XH und EL-531XG sowie EL-531WG und EL-531WH auch mit Farbbezeichnung -BK/BL/WH und Aufschrift ADVANCED D.A.L.

EL-W531, EL-W531B, EL-W531G, EL-W531H, EL-W531TG (auch mit Zusatz WriteView)

El-W531X, El-W531XH und El-W531XG (alle drei) mit und ohne Zusatz WriteView und mit und ohne Farbbezeichnung GR/PK/SL/VL/YR

EL-546L, EL-546G, EL-546VA, EL-546R

EL-W550XG, EL-556L

Canon  F-604, F-715SG, F-720

Olympia  LCD8110, LCD8210, LCD-8310, LCD-8510S

United Office  LCD-8310

Conrad  BS-700 (Scientific Calculator - GR 35)

HP   HP 6S (auch solar), HP 9S, HP 10s

NOON   QS-118B

Rex (Aldi)   Dual-Power D1-4, D1-2, D1-1, Dual-Power D1-5, D1-3 (E41012)

CITIZEN  SR-135N, SR-260N, SR-270X, SR-281N, SR-282

Rebell   SC2030

Forbidden calculators

Alle die, die schon laut Hersteller programmierbar sind und/oder über mehr als einen beliebig aufrufbaren Funktionsspeicher verfügen, und/oder grafikfähig sind und/oder über ein Computeralgebrasystem verfügen,

Sharp EL-506V, EL-506W, EL-506R

HP 20S, HP 30S, HP 32S II

Texas Instruments TI-30X Pro MultiView, TI-36X Pro MultiView, TI-66, TI-68, TI-83, TI-nspire

Casio FX-991DE Plus, FX-87DE X, FX-991DE X, FX-3600PV, FX-4500P, FX-5500LA, Casio G-Serie

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Watch the current positive and negative list of calculators of the Institut für Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik der RWTH Aachen University that are allowed to use while exam.


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