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The ika-Meetups are all about shaping the mobility of the future. The three main topics Automated Driving, E-Mobility, HMI & User Experience summarise the pillars of future mobility and address still open questions in these research areas.

Like the role models in Silicon Valley, the ika-Meetups are also characterised by a relaxed atmosphere. Normally, there is lively discussion and personal networking over snacks and drinks after the respective presentation at the face-to-face events. Of course, during the Corona Pandemic, the lectures are held online in digital meetings. Nevertheless, afterwards there still is time  to ask questions and to discuss the topic with the speaker and audience

Our speakers are proven experts from research and industry who present current research and development topics. The lectures are explicitly not purely scientific presentations, but focus on both technical solutions and practical applications.

The target group includes, in addition to automotive professionals (engineering colleagues and scientific and technical staff), of course students and, more generally, anyone who is enthusiastic about the subject.

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The next ika-Meetup will be held on Thursday, September 29!

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Note: We are very sorry that the Meetup had to be cancelled in May due to organizational reasons and are now happy to provide the new date.

Our Meetup series for interested parties presents and discusses current, practice-relevant research topics in the field of future mobility.

The research project KIsSME – from the measured values to a scenario description with situation assessment and ASAM OpenX Standards

Starting with a short introduction to the KIsSME research project, we will follow the path of the measurement data in more detail: starting from the raw vehicle data, a practice-oriented situation assessment will be performed, which will evaluate the criticality of the current vehicle scenario in real-time proximity and thus be able to make a statement about the relevance of the recorded data. Finally, this information will be used to describe the real scenario in the ASAM OpenScenario format, which will lead us into the ASAM OpenX world of standards for the field of autonomous driving in the course of the presentation.

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Dr. Frank Hantschel

  • 01/2015 PhD in theoretical physics at the Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg
  • 04/2015 Start at RA Consulting as software developer in the field of measurement & calibration
  • 01/2017 Participation in an ASAM concept project on the topic of measurement&calibration, later more working groups in the area of measurement/calibration as well as participation in the ASAM OpenX Standards for Simulation
  • 01/2019 Change to the Research&Development department: supervision of publicly funded research projects for RA Consulting in the field of ADAS and development of components in the field of embedded software. Team leader and responsibility for the Pulheim site for over a year.

The event starts at 18:00 hrs, the talk will be held in German.
Registration is requested.

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