[ika-Meetup: What makes developing an automated vehicle harder than flying to the moon?]

Our Meetup series for interested parties presents and discusses current, practice-relevant research topics in the field of automated driving.

What makes developing an automated vehicle harder than flying to the moon?
Practical Challenges in Automated Driving Development

Dr. Marc Wimmershoff (Zoox Inc.)

In recent years, the development of automated vehicles has already produced many innovative solutions for practical implementation. Nevertheless, there are still many practical technical challenges, some of which will be discussed in this lecture. Marc Wimmershoff will report on his practical development work and give examples of different driving situations with special demands on behaviour and movement planning.

[Foto: Dr. Marc Wimmershoff]

Dr. Marc Wimmershoff

  • is Director Autonomous Software Systems at the Mobility-Startup Zoox Inc. from Silicon Valley
  • deals with the development of fully automated driving functions with a focus on motion planning, vehicle guidance and safety-critical systems



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