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Our Meetup series for interested parties presents and discusses current, practice-relevant research topics in the field of future mobility.

Reinventing the wheel
Why the Silicon Valley is reinventing the automobile and if this can actually work

Christian Roth (fka SV)

For some years now, Silicon Valley has also been a technology region in which the mobility of the future is being shaped. Frequently, the IT-influenced companies and start-ups pursue new ideas with a different perspective than the established automotive industry. For some time now, Christian Roth has been observing current trends for the fkaSV in connection with automated, networked and electric vehicles, such as new technological approaches or disruptive business models that are emerging in Silicon Valley. In his lecture he will highlight how the automobile is seen there and what new ideas this view leads to.

[Foto: Christian Roth]

Christian Roth

  • is Managing Director of fka SV in San Jose, California
  • deals with the observation of current mobility technologies in Silicon Valley


The event starts at 18:00 hrs, the talk will be held in German.{ontime:-'2020-04-24'}
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Digital ika-meetup: Access to the livestream will be sent by newsletter on the day of the event..


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