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Our Meetup series for interested parties presents and discusses current, practice-relevant research topics in the field of future mobility.

Getting to the point
Deep Learning for Environment Perception based on LiDAR Point Clouds

Dr. Florian Piewak (Mercedes-Benz AG – R&D)

Machine learning methods have recently shown how conventional algorithms can be efficiently improved and extended. Especially in the field of automated and autonomous driving, data-based learning methods are an elementary component for safe and robust operation under different environmental conditions. In addition to camera and RaDAR sensors, laser-based LiDAR sensors are increasingly being used to enable precise three-dimensional environment recognition.

At the Meetup, we will dive into current research activities in the field of LiDAR-based environment detection and discuss future trends of data-driven learning methods.

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Dr. Florian Piewak

  • is Machine-Learning Engineer at Mercedes-Benz AG - R&D in Stuttgart, Germany
  • is engaged in the development of precise LiDAR-based environment sensing for automated and autonomous vehicles of future generations using machine learning techniques

The event starts at 18:00 hrs, the talk will be held in German.


Timo Woopen M.Sc.
Manager Research Area Vehicle Intelligence & Automated Driving
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