User Experience

 Fields of Activity

  • Planning, realization and analysis of user studies
  • Research on driver strategies
  • Resource-oriented modeling of driver-performance
  • Application of user centered evaluation methods in the automotive context
  • Research and development on customized evaluation methodologies (subjective as well as objective)
  • Providing testing environments (real as well as laboratory-based)
User infrastucture interaction
  • Planning of infrastructure and user-needs
  • User acceptance of infrastructure
  • Development of interdisciplinary solutions
  • Development and application of methodologies concearning customer satisfaction measurement
  • Customer satisfaction measurement in Sales & Aftersales
  • Training and education on driver experience and performance measurement in application and decision making

 General Information

Automobiles have grown to become one of the most complex and expensive consumer products of our life. Due to the ongoing development of technological innovations such as driver information and assistance systems, drivers are constantly confronted with a continuously growing variety of new functions. This inevitably leads to constant increase of the complexity of presented information, displays and controls within a vehicle. Furthermore, the introduction of innovations such as e-mobility or C2X communications, are directly linked to a further increase of complexity due to diver’s interactions with the infrastructure and the environment.

Considering these rapidly growing technological advances, technical restrictions are no longer the only limiting factor within the context of development and realization of innovative technologies. Much rather, today, the user’s understanding and the acceptance of these technical advances are of crucial importance when introducing new products to the market. Especially at the earliest stages of a product development cycle the central question must be “what does the user expect from the technology and what is he asking for?”

The successful introduction of new functions and technologies require a consistent integration of users during the whole development process. The overall goal is to optimize a vehicle as a system that is convenient, efficient and safe to use and meets the true user-requirements. With the department User Experience the ika offers the necessary competences for these issues.
The department User Experience offers the psychological competences, tools and processes to evaluate planned or existing technologies towards users experience, acceptance, efficiency as well as safety during the product development process.

In close cooperation with fellow departments of the ika, the department of User Experience provides the entire spectrum of empirical testing, ranging from planning and technical realizations to statistical analyzes, interpretation and documentation of user studies. For the realization of these studies the ika provides test tracks in order to conduct valid real-life driving tasks as well as a dynamic driving simulator to conduct replicable and secure simulations of driving and traffic situations.

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