Research Area Vehicle Concepts & HMI

Fields of Activity

  • Requirements analysis & specification
  • Ideation
  • Packaging
  • Convergence of design & engineering
  • Virtual development in CAD
  • Project coordination

General information

The conflicts between efficiency, safety and driving experience do not only call for advances on the component and system level, but also for radically new conceptual approaches in vehicle engineering. Therefore, ika brings together the manifold competences of its various departments under the cross-divisonal theme “vehicle concepts”.

The range of competences starts with the requirements analysis and the specification of innovative full vehicle concepts. Regarding methodological issues, this is done in close cooperation with our user experience department.

In an ideation phase, new ideas of aesthetical as well as technical vehicle layout are generated, for example within creativity workshops. When the most promising ideas have been selected and transferred into a coherent overall concept, a package design is generated, which includes the main vehicle dimensions, the positioning of all important components as well as the basic geometric layout of the interior. Special attention is given in this phase to the convergence of design and engineering, which profits from the intensive cooperation with the renowned Transport Design at Pforzheim University in the German Design Studio Aachen (GDSA). In this cooperation, the professors from Pforzheim are in charge of the exterior and interior design, while ika develops the corresponding technical solutions. This includes, as essential tasks for ika’s vehicle concepts department, the engineering design in CAD as well as the technical detailing and validation in cooperation with all relevant departments. Essential areas of activity in this context are, for example, the structural design for stiffness and crashworthiness, the aerodynamic layout based on computational fluid dynamics as well as drivetrain and chassis development including the longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics layout.

The competences of ika’s vehicle concepts department are completed by the coordination of prototyping activities on demonstrator vehicles where appropriate.

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