Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC)

[Photo: Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC)]

Test tracks


  • testing and evaluation of driving dynamics and comfort
  • endurance testing
  • subsystem analysis in a realistic environment for chassis, drivetrain, driver assistance systems, etc.
  • development and testing of modern Galileo technologies and their applications

Technical Data

  • oval circuit with banked corners: 3 lanes, length approx. 2 km, lateral force free up to 177 km/h
  • vehicle dynamics area: diameter 210 m , acceleration lane 500 m, with sensor duct
  • intersections / straights: three different ones each, highly variable with artificial buildings, up to 17 x 17 m2 intersection area
  • multi-functional area: 65 x 100 m2 with numerous access roads and variable road markings
  • parking area: several lots of different orientation and enclosure (like curbs, banquet, guardrails)
  • hill section: slopes of 5%, 12% (partly floodable) and 30%
  • handling track: width 6 m, length up to 1.2 km, variable driving direction
  • rough road: length 3.5 x 340 m (plate jolts, belgian block, rough asphalt and saw tooth)
  • braking track: width 8 m, length 150 m, floodable, µ-low 0.2; µ-high 0.6 – 0.8
  • office and meeting rooms, workshops for passenger cars and commercial vehicles


Dipl.-Ing. Micha Lesemann
Managing Chief Engineer
+49 241 80 27535

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