Vehicle Concepts

[Foto: speedE Model]

The conflicts between efficiency, safety and driving experience do not only call for advances on the component and system level, but also for radically new conceptual approaches in vehicle engineering. Therefore, we bring together the manifold competences of our various departments in our research field “vehicle concepts” in order to develop future-oriented full vehicle architectures, which in the long term, pave the way towards an accident- and emission-free driving experience.

At the moment, a focus is on exploring the impact of electric drivetrains on the layout of the vehicle as a whole. Other current focus areas cover the potentials of ultra-light vehicles in new vehicle classes as well as the concept design of heavy duty vehicles under changing regulatory boundary conditions. A cross-cutting methodological research focus is the optimisation of the convergence phase of design and technology in the vehicle development process.

Interior and exterior design, which are essential tasks in the research field “vehicle concepts”, are done in close cooperation with the renowned Transportation Design at Pforzheim University. The German Design Studio Aachen (GDSA) provides physical space for this cooperation, in which Prof. Kelly and Prof. Fügener from Pforzheim are in charge of the interior and exterior design, while ika covers the vehicle engineering issues. As a result, full vehicle concepts emerge, which meet high technical as well as aesthetical standards.


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