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Welcome to the Roads2HyCom Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Wiki

This website contains detailed information on the results generated within the Roads2HyCom (R2H) project. More projects such as HyTRAN have joined this wiki to create and maintain a reliable source of information. It is edited by technology experts only.


Hydrogen and fuel cell technology consists of a multitude of different aspects described in detail within this section of the Roads2HyCom Hydrogen and Fuel Cell wiki.

Proceed to the hydrogen and fuel cell state-of-the-art analysis or the overview of emerging products.


Where are current demonstration sites and where is appropriate hydrogen infrastructure? Answers to this and other questions can be found within this section of the website.

Read the Hydrogen Infrastructure and Production Analysis.


Communities can play an important role in smoothing the path for the introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Read the main results of the Roads2HyCom Scoping Catalogue "Profiling of hydrogen communities in Europe".


The analysis of scenarios for the uptake of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are vital for research and/or demonstration activities. This has to be carried out with regard to regional factors as well as future energy chains and potential competitors.

Research Topics

Roads2HyCom has created a set of strategic research recommendations based on the data collected and analyses performed in the various parts of the project. Read more about the four areas of research topics here.


Strategies to spread the use of hydrogen and fuel cells are a major challenge for stakeholders. A handbook covering the issues has been developed within the Roads2HyCom project.

Read more about the handbook for hydrogen communities.

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