Systemergonomics for cooperative interacting vehicles

Systemergonomics for cooperative interacting vehicles: Transparency of automation behaviour and intervention possibilities of the human during normal operation, at system limits and during system failure

This research project within the focus program 'cooperatively interacting vehicles' addresses the ergonomics and human factor aspects of automated vehicles. It bridges the gap between fully, highly and partially automated driving.

The goal of this project is to investigate if and how the automation should be transparent to the human, and if and how the human should be able to interact with the automation. The results should achieve an efficient, safe, usable, and acceptable system. In addition, it will be investigated which transitions between the levels of automation can be performed by a human. In order to narrow this wide task down to a reasonable size, the focus of the project lies on the interaction between the driver and the cooperative vehicle during normal system behaviour, at system limits and during system failure. Furthermore, the relation between the human's involvement in driving-related and non-driving-related tasks, as well as its measurement, is also a research focus. The extensive research in terms of take-over ability will be used for bridging highly automated and manual driving, e.g. during system failure. Current research indicates that a human who is already involved during normal operation will be able to contribute to the safety of the overall system at system limits. Moreover, a human who is already involved at system limits has a better chance to take over fast enough and correctly during system failure.

These goals implicate several research areas that will be tackled in this project: Transparency of system behaviour, role and intervention possibilities of the human, involvement of the human at system limits, involvement of the human and transitions during system failure, and the explicit and or implicit consideration of the human state.


Dr. phil. Stefan Ladwig
Manager Research Area
Traffic Psychology & Acceptance
+49 241 80 23888

Project duration

08/2015 – 07/2018

Project partner

ika, IAW, ifab

Project website

Supported by

[Logo: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)]


Institute for Automotive Engineering
RWTH Aachen University
Steinbachstraße 7
52074 Aachen · Germany
+49 241 80 25600

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