Optimised Storage Integration for the Electric Car

OSTLER is three and a half year project, funded under the funding line Smart Storage integration of the European Commission. The aim of the project is to develop a modular, electric main battery system, which shall be used as a basis for future vehicle developments. The second main goal is the development of additional removable storage devices for individual range adjustment by the vehicle user.

First, an analysis of existing and planned regulations and standards for integrated, electric traction energy storage systems was carried out. Based on the data obtained, a novel solution for the mechanical, thermal and electrical integration of a modular and store-oriented design of main storage was developed. The modularity allows the user an energy storage change through an authorised dealer with the aim to integrate a system with on-demand capacity. The design takes into account intelligent safety concepts such as airbag systems as well as passive safety elements. For the layout of these systems cell tests were performed on three different cell types and a finite element model for the type pouch cell was developed. The model replicates the mechanical properties of the cells and can be used in full vehicle simulations.

The additional removable devices (m <10 kg per module) result in a storage system, which is housed within the trunk of a prototype vehicle. The design of this vehicle sets the end of the project and demonstrates the applicability of the solutions.



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Project duration

06/2011 – 11/2014

Project partner

MIRA Ltd, TU Krakau, CRF, Autoliv, Ficosa, ika, fka

Supported by

[Logo: Europäische Union]


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