EUROPEAN LARGE-SCALE FIELD Operational Tests on In-Vehicle Systems

Road safety, energy efficiency and traffic congestion are the main challenges facing European transportation according to the Intelligent Car Initiative (ICI), launched by the European Commission in 2006. In this context, the EU-project euroFOT aims to investigate the impact and to encourage the deployment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Started within the seventh framework programme, euroFOT will establish a comprehensive, technical and socio/economic assessment program for evaluating the impact of ADAS on safety, environment and user-acceptance in real environment.

The availability of ADAS and their positive impact on traffic safety and efficiency are widely recognized. Several studies have also demonstrated that people value the enhancements offered by these systems, when they know and understand them. However, there is currently a limited amount of data regarding their real life operation in real traffic. This restricts the capabilities to provide the economical and political decision for further investments in research and development (R&D).

Against this background, euroFOT intends to analyze the efficiency of ADAS in real environments with normal drivers and for a period of time that enables the collection and processing of data in a statistically sound way. Against this background extensive field operational tests (FOT) will be used to asses the impact of ADAS in real traffic, in order to define indicators to increase the efficiency of ADAS regarding safety, environmental impact as well as the optimization of traffic flow. Altogether 1500 test vehicles from different manufactures and different ADAS are to be applied for the FOTs. The results of the evaluation will offer valuable information for the short and long-term impact of ADAS, e.g. traffic safety, driver behaviour and system performance. The project duration adds up to 40 months.

euroFOT will investigate systems that are already present in the market, or sufficiently mature to represent a commercial application. Based on the recommendations on existing roadmaps and on the availability of well developed systems, the following group of 8 systems has been selected for euroFOT:

  1. Longitudinal systems: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Speed Limiter
  2. Lateral systems: Lane Departure Warning (LDW) und Impairment Warning (IW) as well as Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)
  3. Advanced applications: Curve Speed Warning (CSW), Fuel Efficiency Advisory (FEA) and Safe Human-Machine Interaction (SafeHMI)

Within this project ika is a member of the steering committee and contributor to the work packages (WP) 3000 (Data management) as well as 4000 (Methodology and experimental procedures). Furthermore ika is WP-leader of WP 6000 (Evaluation, impact assessment, socio-economic cost-benefit-analysis) with 14 participants. The objectives of this WP are to analyze and study the logged-data from the FOTs in order to evaluate the selected functions with regard to their impact.



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Project duration

05/2005 – 06/2012

Project partner

FFA, BMW, DAG, CRF, VW, MAN, VOLVO, BOSCH, ADC, Delphi, Chalmers, CTAG, ika, ADAS, BASt, CONTI, Allianz, Ceesar, ERTICO, EICT, EUCAR, ICCS, IMC, INRETS, IZVW, POLITO, TNO, University of Leeds

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