AI-based assistant for interior development

KAI unites the leading and internationally operating German companies and research institutions in the field of vehicle interiors, ergonomics and artificial intelligence to support vehicle developers in their work to design the interior of tomorrow.

The market launch of highly automated driving changes the automobile with lasting effects. A central prerequisite for a commercially successful launch of highly automated driving is, in addition to its technical realisation, the creation of a high level of price acceptance and willingness to pay from a customer’s perspective. By transferring the responsibility of driving to the car new vehicle and interior concepts are demanded by transformed customer expectations. Even with current cars the interior design has a high significance as an important purchase criterion. By introducing highly automated driving functions and accordingly arising non driving related activities (NDRA) the interior is going to be an even stronger purchase criterion for customers in the future. This introduces additional requirements into the product development process (PDP) that even today is of high complexity. Accordingly strategies to evaluate new interior concepts are needed.

Methods from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have a potential to contribute positively by supporting the developers in their decision making in terms of a “next best action” (NBA) approach. In automotive research and development (R&D) AI methods are currently used to a small extent. However, they are most powerful tools especially for the development of disruptive vehicle interiors where they can boost both development efficiency and quality for user centred solutions.

The KAI project (KI-gestützter Assistant zur Interieurentwicklung, AI-based assistant for interior development) is dedicated to the development of AI-tools that accompany the PDP and assist developers during the phases of requirements determination, design and evaluation for automotive interiors. KAI supports all parties involved in the PDP at several process stages and contributes to the objectification of requirements. The geometrical design is going to be accelerated by an automated design tool using parametric modelling. KAI is going to pre-evaluate interior concepts at an early stage regarding technical and human-centred evaluation criteria. All measures combined reduce the time needed for development while simultaneously increasing product quality. Accordingly KAI is going to answer vital questions of novel user scenarios for future interiors. This lays the foundation for customer relevant differentiating factors.



Claus Bertram Heinrich Bonerz M.Sc.
Group Leader Vehicle Concepts & Mobility Systems
+49 241 80 26717

Project duration

06/2021 – 05/2024

Project partner

brose, CanControls, DFKI, Human Solutions, ika, Saint-Gobain Bearings, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, soft trim

Supported by

[Logo: BM Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz]


Institute for Automotive Engineering
RWTH Aachen University
Steinbachstraße 7
52074 Aachen · Germany

+49 241 80 25600

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